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Extracurricular Activities

Providing Everything Your Child Needs to Succeed

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Soccer Shots

Enrollment for the new season, academic year 2023 - 2024, is now open.

Payment Plan Option: Monthly subscription of $53


Enrollment Fee: $35 for new participants. Jersey is included with the enrollment fee. Paid annually.

Click here to enroll ages 2-3 yrs.

Click here to enroll ages 3-5 yrs.

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Wings Gymnastics

Register for Wings Gymnastics at Idlewild EEC here.

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Kidokinetics provides your child with a unique sports experience! Regardless of a child’s level or ability, this program introduces basic concepts of a variety of sports in a safe, non-competitive environment and ensures that every child builds self-esteem, and self-confidence; learns teamwork, sportsmanship, kindness, and respect, and feels like a winner!


Click here to enroll your child today.

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